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Bilingual Teaching at BBZB (Bili)

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In the current school year, 23 teachers are teaching bilingually in basic training and six in the vocational baccalaureate. At present, 830 students in basic education and 55 in the vocational baccalaureate (VB) are benefiting from bilingual instruction. The trend is upward. The offer is aimed at motivated and high-achieving learners who enjoy the English language and the regular basic education in the subject areas listed below. Students of the Vocational Baccalaureate (VB) also have the chance to join classes where single subjects are taught in English.

Basic Education

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General Education (ABU)

Bilingual teaching in the weekly general education adopts the English language in each topic such as "Money and Consuming," "Risk and Security," or "Global challenges".  Learners are taught about one-third of these topics in English and are free to use the German versions if necessary.

ZFA draftswoman and draftsman

The professional education with civil engineering draftsman is ideal for bilingual lessons. In material science, building science and the history of architecture, the bili students receive information in order to have the best possible conditions for a global future.


Physical Education offers a perfect setting to practice listening and speaking skills in English. Most lessons can be taught entirely in English. Exceptions are to be made when it comes to safety (i.e. climbing, trampolining and more).

Additional Information & Media - Basic Education (in German)


Vocational Baccalaureate (VB) Lucerne

The Vocational Baccalaureate (VB) Lucerne (BM Luzern) at BBZB runs already since 2013 steadily one bilingual fulltime class at the orientation « Engineering, Architecture, Life Sciences» (TALS) at the subject «History & Politics». 2019 «Physics» was added. 2020 «Economy & Law» followed. During the apprenticeship, «History & Politics» has been taught since 2019. Next to it at the orientation «Design and Art» (ARTE), bilingual teaching is part of the subjects «Art History» and «History & Politics». Further topics such as «Chemistry» and «Mathematics» are being planned. The BM Luzern strives for a recognized bilingual BM diploma, as soon as «Mathematics» can be offered.


General information

Bilingual education aims to maintain the language skills acquired in lower secondary education so that there is no gap between lower secondary education and the professional world or secondary schools. Integrated into the general education and partially into the vocational curriculum, appropriate topics are taught in English. Apart from the use of the English language, there is no additional work for the students. Ideally, the proportion of English should be about 33%.

During the bilingual classes, no actual language training takes place, apart from small language-normative focus areas. We will inform interested students, who for example want to take the FCE, about additional free courses and language stays for which a fee is charged.

The examinations during the semester and the final apprenticeship examination are held exclusively in German. However, the teacher is free to motivate students to take part in the examination material (lecture and other) in English by means of a transparent reward system.

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